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google chromeGoogle Chrome is a web browser that can work on multiple computing platforms like; windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc., developed by Google LLC. Google Chrome was first developed from the free component of Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox and publically released on 2008 only for Microsoft windows. After getting a positive response from Windows users, Google Chrome was also launched for iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Android. It is also the primary browser of ChromeOS. Google LLC faced problems in the initial release stage because customers demanded Google Chrome for all the platforms. These problems were solved by Google LLC on May 25th, 2010, when they launched Google Chrome 5.0 version for all three platforms. In this guide, we will discuss all the information related to Google Chrome like; Google Chrome download, install Chrome, update Chrome, Google Chrome latest version, etc. also, we discussed some Google Chrome problems such as; how to download Google Chrome, how to update Chrome, Google Chrome crashing on windows 10, Google Chrome not responding, Google Chrome freezing, Google Chrome not working, Google Chrome not opening, etc. Suppose you get any while using Google Chrome; you are free to contact the number showing on your screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and provide you best solution.

The source code of Google was taken from the chromium project, a web browser project run by Google, but later it was closed. WebKit was also a rendering engine, but Google created the Blink engine through it. All the Chrome variants use Blink engine except iOS. As reports say, Google Chrome has 68% of the browser market share worldwide on personal computers. After the success, Google has expanded “Chrome” as a brand name to other products such as; Chromecast, Chromebook, Chromebit, Chromebox, Chromebase, etc.

Google Chrome Setup download >> Google Chrome download

Suppose you want Google Chrome download in your browser, then you must download Google Chrome setup. But for the various Operating system, there are various steps to download Google Chrome setup and install Chrome. In this section, we will discuss the steps of Google Chrome browser download in every operating system. After the Google Chrome browser download, we also review Google Chrome install process.

How to download Chrome for PC/windows >> Google Chrome latest version download help

To get Google Chrome into your windows operating system, you must download Google Chrome setup first. In this segment, we will discuss the steps to download Chrome on windows.

  • You can type on your web browser search box
  • Or click on the link Download the installation file pop-up box opens on your screen “Download Chrome” click on it
  • Now the process of downloading Google Chrome starts automatically
  • Sometimes, you may have to wait for some time, or you can click on the “download Chrome manually” pop-up box
  • google chrome downloadThe Google Chrome setup is downloaded

Install Google Chrome on Windows:-

  • When the Google Chrome setup file is downloaded, right-click on the file and choose “run as administrator”
  • Now it will ask for some permission to make some changes; click on “yes”
  • For different windows versions, the process of Install Google Chrome on windows is different
  • Download Google chrome for Windows 7, Google will automatically be done its all the processes and open it for you
  • Download Google chrome for Windows 8 and 8.1, Google did it’s all process, and then a welcome screen open for you
  • Download Google Chrome for Windows 10 and 11, Google will automatically do all the processes, and you can directly make it a default browser by just clicking on “next”

Download Chrome for Mac >> Google Chrome download for Mac

In this section, we will discuss how to download Google Chrome on mac and also how to Install Google Chrome on mac. Just follow the steps given below:-

  • Click on the link Download the installation file for redirect to the Google Chrome download page
  • Or you can manually search on the web browser search box
  • Click on the file named as GoogleChrome.dmg
  • The Google Chrome setup file will automatically be downloaded

Install Google Chrome on mac:-

  • When the file is downloaded, a window appears on your screen to find Chrome
  • Click on the Chrome icon and drag it to the app folder
  • Now, you must enter the correct admin username & password
  • Go to Google Chrome and open the finder
  • On the right side of Chrome, click on “eject”
  • Now the process of Install Chrome on mac is done
  • Now you can use it, or you also make it your default browser

How to download Chrome on Android>> Google Chrome for Android

To download Google Chrome on Android, follow the steps in this section. In this section, we will discuss how to install Google Chrome on the android operating system.

  • On your device, go to the play store
  • Click on the search box, and enter Google Chrome
  • You will see the application on the screen; tap on it
  • Click on the “install” option showing on the device screen
  • Now, Chrome will automatically install on your device
  • Open Chrome, enter the “yes, I’m in,” and your Chrome is ready

How to update Google Chrome for PC/laptop

After Google Chrome free download on a different device, you now have to update Google Chrome browser to install Google Chrome latest version. Because when we do not update our browser for a certain period, then Google Chrome starts facing some problems. In this section, we will discuss how to update Google Chrome on mac. Just follow the steps carefully:-

How to update Google Chrome for desktop/laptop >> Update Google Chrome for mac

  • Go to Google Chrome, and you will see three vertical dots on the right top of the screen
  • Click on that dost and choose the “Help” option from the dropdown list
  • In the following steps, choose “About Google Chrome”
  • Chrome icon showing on the middle of the screen, in the parallel of the screen you will see the “Relaunch.” Always remember the “relaunch” option will only appear when any update is available
  • Sometimes, your browser will automatically update Chrome browser
  • google chrome updateNow, Google Chrome latest version is running on your device

How to update Google Chrome for iPad or iPhone >> Update Chrome browser on iOS

Updating Google Chrome for iPad or iPhone is slightly different from other devices. In the section, we will discuss the update Google Chrome browser process, so follow the steps carefully:-

  • Open the application store on your device
  • You will find the profile icon in the corner; click on it
  • Now scroll down the menu to “updates available”
  • Next, search Google Chrome
  • If Google Chrome is available, it means updates are pending; suppose Google Chrome is not showing, then you are using Google Chrome latest version
  • If you are updating, then enter the “admin password”
  • The process of updating Google Chrome will be done automatically

How you can Update Google Chrome for Android>> Google Chrome update help

To update the Google Chrome android device, you must follow the steps carefully. Updating Chrome on Android devices is a very simple process, but sometimes people get confused. So in this segment, we have discussed the steps.

  • Go to the play store and click on the profile icon on the top-right
  • Now click on the “manage app and device” option from the menu
  • Next, you can find Google Chrome on the dropdown list, or you search for it
  • If Google Chrome is available, then it needs an update; suppose you didn’t find the Chrome there, then you are already using the Google Chrome latest version
  • If you find Google Chrome there, then click on the “update” box
  • Update and installation process will be done automatically
  • Now, you are using the Google Chrome latest version

Official Google Chrome support >> Official Google support phone number

Google Chrome is a free web browser that can work on every type of operating system. Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world. Initially, Chrome was started for only the windows operating system, but after seeing the market growth and demand, Google expanded its services to various operating systems. Also, Google increased its language compatibility from 43 languages to 52 languages. As Google started growing in the market, it started adding valuable features such as; enhanced user interface, built-in tools for translation, shortcuts making user-friendly features, adding, removing, and modifying the extensions, enhancing the security, etc. In this guide, we have provided all the information about Google Chrome such as; how to install chrome on mac, Google chrome settings help, chrome notification settings, latest chrome update, etc. we have also discussed some fundamental Google Chrome problems, which we mostly face while using it, such as; Google Chrome crashing on Android, Google Chrome keeps freezing, Google Chrome not responding, Google Chrome not opening, Google Chrome not working, Google Chrome audio not working, Google Chrome extensions not working, Google chrome update problem android,  etc. If you face issues while using Google Chrome, you can contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and provide you best solution. Suppose you want to contact Official Google Chrome support, so we have provided the number below. You can connect to these numbers for Google Chrome customer support. These numbers are provided by the available internet sources and are correct to our knowledge. However, these numbers can change due to any discrepancies. We are not responsible for that. Therefore, we advise you to verify them before chrome customer service

Google customer support number (Washington DC official number) (202)346-1100
Google customer support number UK 44(0)20-7031-3000
Google Chrome support phone number UK 44-20-7031-3000
Google customer support number USA +1 310-310-6000
Google Chrome help customer support number Canada 514-670-8700
Google Chrome help customer technical support email http://www.Google/contact/_
Google customer support technical  number 650-253-0000

Troubleshooting Google Chrome problems >> Solution for Google Chrome problems

Google Chrome browser is used worldwide. And sometimes, we may face some basic problems while using the Google Chrome browser. In this segment, we will discuss some selected basic Google Chrome problems and their solution in easy steps.

How to fix when Google Chrome crashing >> Google Chrome keeps crashing help

It is one of the most common Google Chrome problems. So in this section, we will conclude the solution to Google Chrome crashing. You can also use these steps when Google Chrome keeps crashing on mac or Google Chrome keeps crashing on windows chrome keeps crashing

  • First of all, close the unwanted tabs and open the error showing the tab
  • If any file is downloading or any other unwanted app is open, then close it all
  • Check the extension of your Google Chrome and remove unwanted extensions
  • Try to reload the tab once again
  • If you are facing the same problem, then close the Google Chrome browser and open it again
  • You can also restart your laptop or pc if the above steps doesn’t work
  • Now try to open the same webpage in another browser on your device
  • If you are not getting any problems there, then continue with the further process
  • Uninstall and install the Chrome browser, then uninstall and install the Chrome extensions
  • Open the Google Chrome settings, go to the system option from the menu
  • You have to disable “Use hardware acceleration when available” by using the toggle button
  • Now try to restart your Google Chrome browser
  • If you follow these steps, your Google Chrome crashing problem will be solved

How to tackle when Google Chrome is not opening >> Google Chrome help

Sometimes you may face Google Chrome problems such as; Google Chrome not opening. Follow the given steps to resolve it:-

  • Open the task manager on your device
  • You can press “ctrl + alt + delete” together on a windows OS device for task manager
  • Find Google Chrome or “Chrome.exe” in the process section
  • Select it and click on “end process”
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t work so that you can check your antivirus for malware threat
  • You can try restarting your device
  • If it also doesn’t work, then reinstall the Google Chrome
  • These steps will probably solve Google chrome not opening on windows 10 problem

How to solve when Google Chrome stopped working >> Google Chrome not responding help

In this section, we will discuss what to do when Google Chrome is not responding, or Google Chrome is stopped working. In simple and few steps, we will tackle both Google Chrome problems together. So follow the steps given below:-google chrome not responding

  • If you had done some changes in your Google Chrome settings, then reset it to default
  • Clear all cache and cookies files of Google Chrome browser
  • Try to update Google Chrome with the steps provided above
  • These will solve your Google Chrome not responding, or Google Chrome stooped working problem
  • Suppose these steps are enough to solve these Google Chrome problems
  • Then you can contact Google Chrome support

What to do when Google Chrome keeps freezing >> Google Chrome freezing help

This section will discuss the steps to do when Chrome keeps freezing. To resolve Google Chrome freezing problems, follow the steps given below:-

  • Make sure that your computer and Google Chrome are updated
  • Clear the browsing history of Google Chrome and also close the unwanted tabs
  • Next, clear all the data such as; “auto-fill data” everything
  • Open Google Chrome settings and go to the extension
  • Check all the extensions one by one and find which one is causing the problem
  • Check the extensions and remove that problem causing extension
  • Now your Google Chrome keeps freezing problem will be solved

How to resolve Google Chrome slowness >> Google Chrome slow loading troubleshooting

Google Chrome slowness problem faced by most users. This section will provide the troubleshooting steps when Google Chrome slow loading pages; follow these steps chrome slow loading

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Google Chrome
  • Close all the unwanted tabs and also close unwanted applications
  • Check your extensions, and remove the unwanted extension
  • After these steps, reload your Chrome browser; if you are facing the same problem, then follow the further procedure
  • Go to the task manager of your device, and end all the unwanted processing task
  • You can also perform these steps when Google Chrome is not working properly; now, follow the further steps
  • Now you have to clean the saved data from the Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome settings and go to “privacy and security”
  • Next open “cookies and other site data” from the menu and then turn on the “Preload pages for faster browsing and searching” option
  • Come back to the Google Chrome homepage, again open Google Chrome settings, and go to advance option
  • Now choose “reset and clean up” and then click on “clean the computer” from the following menu
  • After this process, the computer starts scanning all the unwanted files and bugs
  • You will see there is a “remove” option; click on it to remove all the unwanted files after scanning
  • Go back to the Google Chrome homepage and search for something
  • You will find that your Google Chrome slowness problem is resolved
  • The above steps will also work when you are facing a Google Chrome down problem

How to fix when Google Chrome extensions are not working >> Google Chrome troubleshooting

Google Chrome provides the facility to install the extension. These extensions increase the browser functionality. But sometimes, we face Google Chrome problems such as Google Chrome extensions not working. So in this section, we will provide some steps to resolve when Google Chrome extensions are not working; follow the steps carefully:-

  • Open the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the Chrome homepage
  • Click on the “more tools” from the dropdown list
  • Now you have the sub-list menu choose “extension”
  • You can find there all the extensions which you have installed and disable all of them
  • Close the Chrome, and again start it
  • Again follow the same procedure and enable all the extension
  • Now you can reload the extension surfing; you will see that your extensions start working
  • The above steps help you to fix the Google Chrome extension not working problem

Google Chrome black screen issues solution >> Troubleshooting of Google Chrome flickering issues

Sometimes, we have to face some problems such as; Google Chrome flickering, Google Chrome showing a black screen, Google Chrome lagging, etc. These are particular Google Chrome problems that we face when we upgrade our software of the device or the hardware component. To tackle these types of problems, we have provided steps; follow these steps carefully:-

  • Go to the properties of Google Chrome by clicking right on its shortcut
  • Now click on the shortcut tab, and you can see “C:\Program Files

(x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe” in the target area

  • Add “-disable-gpu” on this target area
  • Now apply the new target area of the Chrome
  • Restart the Chrome, and open the Google Chrome setting
  • Click on the “system” option from the menu and disable “Use hardware acceleration when available”
  • You will see that your Google Chrome problem, such as; Google Chrome lagging issues, Google Chrome flickering issues, and Google Chrome showing black screen issues, are solved

Google support by us

google chrome supportBillions of people widely use Google Chrome daily. The reason behind this amount of users is Google Chrome is an open and accessible web browser for everyone. You get many features in Google Chrome, such as; security features, adding shortcuts, built-in translation tools, extensions, ad-block, privacy, plugins, etc. Now Google Chrome is the best web browser because it has the best services free of cost and also provides these facilities. In this article, we have discussed every of information about Google Chrome. You can learn how Google Chrome started, the problems faced during the initial stage, and how it is now going. We have also provided a complete guide on Google Chrome, that is, Google Chrome free download, how to install Google Chrome on mac, new Google Chrome update, Google Chrome settings help, Google Chrome for Android, Google Chrome download for PC, Google Chrome for iPad, Google Chrome latest version, Google chrome crashing on mac etc. We have also discussed many Google Chrome problems and their solutions. Suppose you get any problem while using this guide or Google Chrome, you can contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problems and provide you with the most satisfactory solution.