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verizon supportVerizon Communication Inc. is an American multinational telecommunication company. It is a conglomerate corporation system. Verizon headquarter is situated in Midtown of Manhattan, New York, US. Verizon communication was founded in 1984 when the US Department of Justice ordered AT & T Corporation to divide the Bell system into seven small regional companies, known as “Baby Bells”. Next, one of the Baby Bells renamed itself Bell Atlantic in the same year and became the new parent company of New Jersey Bell, Bell of Pennsylvania, Diamond State of Telephone, and C&P Telephone companies. Baby Atlantic start trading from New Jersey to Virginia. In 1996, Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX and increased its trading area. This is a Verizon help guide regarding Verizon email; in this guide, we will provide every piece of information about Verizon email, such as; Verizon login, Verizon account setup, create Verizon account, Verizon email settings, Verizon support, etc. and also discuss Verizon email problems like; Verizon not working, Verizon email to text not working, etc. If you get any issues while using this guide or Verizon email, then you are free to call on the number shown on your screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to every Verizon issue and provide you the best solution.

How to create Verizon email account >> Verizon email setup help

To use the services of Verizon email, you must have a Verizon account. In this section, we will provide details about how to create Verizon email account. Follow the steps carefully: –

  • Search on your web browser
  • You will see the Verizon email sign in option; just down it, there is the “register” option click on it
  • On the next page, enter your credentials to create Verizon email account; you can now use the service of Verizon by just Verizon login

How to do Verizon Login >> Verizon email login help

You can use your email through the AOL domain, like;, or you can use it directly through In this section, we will discuss Verizon login or Verizon email sign in. Follow the given steps: –

  • Open Verizon in your browser, or you can search
  • Now you can get the option of “sign-in”
  • If you use only, then you will get some while Verizon login
  • Here you must use the username of AOL or Yahoo, then put [email protected] or [email protected]
  • verizon email loginOr you can do Verizon login from AOL mail or Yahoo mail

How to reset Verizon email password >> Verizon support help

Sometimes we may forget our Verizon account password, then we need to reset Verizon email password. In this, we will discuss how to reset Verizon email password when you forgot Verizon password without getting Verizon issues.

  • Open the Verizon website from your device
  • Click on Verizon email sign in, choose my account and click on Forgot your info?
  • Enter the 10-digit number and then enter the 5-digit ZIP code, then click on continue
  • Select your option to get password delivery option to reset Verizon email password and click on send password
  • Follow the instructions of the delivery option (text message or email)
  • Click on okay and enter the new password for your account
  • Make sure that your password must be alpha-numeric with a unique character
  • You can easily reset Verizon email password without getting any Verizon issues

What are Verizon email server settings >> Verizon email settings help

Verizon email server settings are one of the most important settings for users. Verizon email settings help you save your Verizon emails. Verizon email server settings help you to save the emails on your device, and you can open my Verizon messages offline. This section will discuss Verizon email server settings on various devices. Follow the given procedure: –

Verizon email settings for iPhone >> Verizon email settings help

You may need to manage the server settings of your iPhone for your personal Verizon email account. When Verizon opens, you will find two main server settings for your device. Below we will discuss them and how to save my Verizon messages on your device.

  • First, open the settings of your iPhone for email settings for iPhone
  • Go to mail, then click on the account option
  • Now you can your Verizon email account there; click on it
  • If your account isn’t available there, then add your account by using your username and password
  • Now here, you have to verify the server settings, such as; for incoming mail and for outgoing server
  • To organize the incoming emails, you can choose “Verizon pop settings” or “Verizon IMAP settings”
  • Use “” or “” as the hostname
  • Then write the username of your account
  • Use 993 as the port number for POP or 995 as the port number for IMAP
  • Then tap on the SMTP server; it is the primary SMTP server for outgoing mails
  • Now you have to verify the hostname as “” and then enter a username
  • Choose 465 as the port number for the SMTP server
  • Use the SSL security, turn it on by toggle button
  • Tap on done when you completed the settingsverizon email
  • Next, go to “advanced settings” and check whether your account is working correctly or not
  • Verify the other settings next; go to account from the upper left side
  • Check the SSL, whether it is on or not
  • Next, the Path prefix option and server port
  • S/MIME turn it on using the toggle button
  • Then sign option and at last encrypt option
  • Click on the done option
  • Now your email settings for iPhone are successfully completed

Verizon email settings for Android >> Verizon email settings help

Verizon email server settings for Android are similar to email settings for iPhone with a few variations. In this section, we will discuss Verizon email settings for Android. Follow the given steps carefully: –

  • Go to the setting of your mail application and click on the “add new account” option
  • Enter the Verizon login credentials
  • Choose manual setup for your Verizon account POP3 for incoming mails
  • Choose 995 as a port number and in the hostname
  • Then select 465 as a port for the SMTP server that is responsible for outgoing mail
  • Enter in the hostname
  • For both of the servers, you have to the SSL encryption for extra security
  • Then, at last, click on apply option
  • Now your Verizon email settings for Android are successfully completed

Official Verizon email customer service number >> Official Verizon customer service

Verizon was started as Bell Atlantic Corporation in 1984 from the division of AT & T Corporation in the bell system. The same year, Bell Atlantic Corporation started mergers with other baby bells and other companies and started their services in New York City. In 1998 Bell Atlantic acquired a telephone company GTE for US$ 64.7 billion, but the Federal Communication Commission approved it in 2000. After this merger approval, Bell Atlantic changed its name to Verizon Communication. Verizon never looked back and started growing to become the largest telephone company in the US. And also started providing many web services. In this Verizon help guide, we have discussed all the information about Verizon email, such as; Verizon login, Verizon email settings, Verizon pop settings, Verizon IMAP settings, reset Verizon email password, Verizon email settings on iPhone, etc., and also discuss many Verizon problems like; Verizon not working, Verizon network down, how to check Verizon email, Verizon email not working on iPhone, Verizon net IMAP settings not working, pop Verizon net not responding, Verizon email not working, etc. Suppose you get any Verizon issues while using the guide or using Verizon email in this situation. In that case, you are free to call on the number shown on the screen to contact an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your every Verizon problem and provide you best solution. Suppose you want to contact official Verizon support, then you call on the number given below. These official Verizon email customer service numbers are best to our knowledge and research from an online resource. Please verify these official Verizon support numbers before contacting because sometimes these numbers are changed by the official’s Verizon email support.verizon customer service email

Verizon support phone number 800.922.0204
Verizon support official customer service number 888.294.6804
Verizon email support number 800.225.5499
Verizon email contact number 800.465.4054
Verizon email customer service number 888.262.1999
Verizon chat customer service

How to fix when Verizon not working >> Verizon email not working help

Sometimes, we face common Verizon problems that we cannot send emails or receive. We don’t know how to troubleshoot these Verizon issues . So, in this section, we will discuss how to fix when Verizon not working. Follow the steps given below carefully to solve the Verizon email not working problem: –

  • The first and most essential step, check whether you are getting good internet or not. If not, then fix it
  • Sometimes, the server of Verizon email may be down, so please wait for a few hours; it will automatically start working
  • Now clear the cache and cookies files of the browser
  • You can also clear the history and junk filesverizon not working
  • When these optimizations are done regularly, you don’t have to face any Verizon issues
  • Try to disable your third-party antivirus and firewall settings
  • Make sure that Verizon email settings are correct
  • If you are using the incoming mail server “POP3” then the hostname is “,” and the port number is 995
  • But if you are using the incoming mail server “IMAP,” then the hostname will be “,” and the port number will be 993
  • For outgoing mail server SMTP, the hostname will be “,” and the port number will be 465
  • Log out your email and restart your browser; then again, try for Verizon login
  • By following the above steps, your Verizon email not working will be fixed

How to solve when Verizon email not working on iPhone >> Verizon email problems help

Verizon email offers many features and is also attached to two main mail domains. But sometimes, we get some Verizon issues like; Verizon email not working on iPhone. In this section, we will provide the solution to this Verizon problem. Follow the given steps carefully: –

  • If you have activated the 2 step verification; you need an app password to access your mail
  • First of all, try Verizon email login and go to the security page
  • Now click on Generate app password
  • Choose your app from the menu that appeared and click on generate
  • Now make sure that you have entered the password in the app must be without space
  • Use this password and your Verizon email address for Verizon login to your app
  • You can quickly solve your Verizon problems by following these steps

How to solve when Verizon net IMAP settings not working >> Verizon network down help

verizon network down

If you are a regular user of Verizon email, you may face Verizon problems like Verizon net IMAP settings not working, not responding, or pop Verizon net not responding, etc. It means the Verizon problems related to the Verizon email settings. It may be varied to Verizon pop settings or Verizon IMAP settings. Now, in this section, we will discuss how to solve these Verizon email server settings problems. Follow the given steps carefully: –

  • Make sure all your other settings are correct
  • Sometimes, these types of problems are seen after updating the device’s OS
  • Then check the Verizon email settings
  • For incoming mail server (POP3): – and port number 995
  • Or incoming mail server (IMAP): – and port number 993
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): – and port number 465
  • Always remember that Secure Security Layer (SSL) will be enabled on both the server for encryption
  • Ensure that your Password authentication is normal
  • Another option like “my server requires authentication” should be checked
  • Your username must be *****
  • Once ensure your Verizon email password
  • These will solve your Version problems related to Verizon server settings

Verizon email support by us

verizon help

Verizon communication started in 1984 with a Baby Bell and started acquisition in the same year and increased its trading area from New Jersey to Virginia. In 1997, another baby bell, NYNEX acquired by Verizon and expanded its area into New York and New England. In 2015, Verizon acquired AOL, and just after two years, it acquired Yahoo Inc., and both were operated by another division of Verizon, which is known as Verizon Media. Verizon always tries to offer the best services to their users, and after the acquisition of Yahoo, its mail service became excellent. In thisVerizon help article, we have provided all information about Verizon, such as; Verizon email login, Check Verizon email, Verizon email iPhone settings, Verizon pop3 settings, Verizon mail server settings, Verizon email settings for iPhone, and also performed some steps to solve the Verizon email problems like; how to check my Verizon messages, how to fix when Verizon network down, how to access Verizon email, etc. If you get any issues while using Verizon, you can contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problems and provide you a most satisfactory result.