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Mozilla Firefox can be considered as one of the fastest and lightest web browsers. It is quite a tidy open source web browser. This came to identity in 2004 as challenge to Microsoft internet explorer. Most significant part is, it features with the 3 top most powerful and popular browsers across the globe. What makes it so popular is the simple and effective UI with perfect browsing speed and strongest security which is best for active community and advanced users. Now one can have the firefox latest version available online and opt for firefox app download even on mobile phone.firefox suppport

Being one of the most advanced web browsers, Firefox stands to be quite smaller, faster as well as the secured browser. This is promising to provide with cleanest interface as well as full proof faster downloading speed. It was introduced in the year 2004 as an integral part of the Mozilla application suite. This includes all kind of advanced features including book marks, toolbar as well as tabbed browsing. Apart from that, Mozila Firefox also bears a better option of customization with help of various extensions like auto fill as well as stock tracker.  Since it came to market, its every single version bears additional features including better security. The secured version is the Firefox 7.0.1 that came to lime light in the year 2011, September. Now with the new generation pick up, there comes the firefox for windows 10 and users can easily download it as the company has introduced the Firefox latest version.

But how many of us know that Firefox is not the real name of the software. It was earlier introduced as phoenix but due to certain unavoidable issues, it got renamed as Firefox before its launch. It was in 2005 when Firefox notably captured 10% of the web browsing sources and then showed a tremendous increase to 20% in the year 2008, and 25% in 2010. Mostly this is quite popular in Germany and Poland where maximum of internet users uses Firefox as their default browser. You can install Firefox and enjoy a hassle-free surfing.


  • The Mozilla Firefox consumes less storage in comparison to Google chrome and other browsers.
  • This stands to be among top ones with advanced sections maintaining itself the maximum used website at top of their icons for better and faster access.
  • With every single browsing, you are going to experience “show updated news” option in it.
  • This also provides with shortcut of the browser setting for easy and effective access.

Go through the article and resolve all your Mozilla Firefox concerns. You can also call on the number given on this webpage if you find the problem is not getting resolved even after reading the article. The available number will connect you to an independent 3rd party Mozilla Firefox support team. They will help you provide complete solutions regarding Mozilla Firefox. Make sure you read the terms well before calling to independent 3rd party Mozilla Firefox help team.

How to Download Firefox for Windows & Mac:

Today, Mozilla Firefox browser stands to be most popular ones after Chrome. Maximum population across the globe uses it as their default browser as Firefox is completely an open source. Basically, it’s free to download and people mostly prefer for Mozilla firefox free download online. This can be easily and effectively done for all like window and mac users. Moving ahead with the story of how to download firefox for windows, let’s see various options being made available here.

Mozilla Firefox download for Windows 10 and others:

Mozilla Firefox is one of the advanced search engines which is used for searching good numbers of data on internet. It’s quite popular globally with providing minute and detailed contents related to any search in its data base delivering best of information. Looking forward to its features which make it so specific, it quite similar to chrome and other browsers. It can be used in both mobile app format as well as web browsers. It’s quite easy to download firefox for windows. The Firefox app download can also be done on your mobile phone from its official site. Best part among all is, this can be downloaded on different operating system like iOS, Linux as well as on android and windows. The process starts with downloading and installation to download firefox

  1. First move to the official site of Mozilla Firefox for downloading on windows.
  2. Next click on “download now” button. Firefox will start downloading automatically on the system.
  3. Once downloading is done successfully, run the. Exe file with just a double click on it to install it to your system.
  4. Next a small window will pop- up where click on the RUN option will be commanded.
  5. Then click on re- install for reinstallation process and update your old version to mark the check box and restore the default setting.
  • Now it starts installing and it is less time taking to install it completely on the system.

fox latest version offers the best feature of search bar and address bar separately which is quite secured. This stands best for security reasons. Being a browser, it helps keep a single search box with sending all the data to the search provider. You can also perform

Firefox Download for Mac:

Download Mozilla Firefox for mac and surf the internet hassle-free. To download Firefox for mac, you can follow these:

  1. First visit the site on any of the browser and then it will automatically detect the platform and language on the system. This recommends the best version of Firefox.
  2. Next click on “download Firefox”.
  3. After completing the download, the file with open itself and then pop open a finder window which contains Firefox application. Then drag the firefox icon on the top of the application folder for the process of copy.
  4. After dragging firefox to the application folder, next hold down the control key while clicking in the window and then select “eject Firefox” from the menu.
  5. Firefox in now ready for use. Just click on its icon in the dock or the applications folder to start it.

If you are starting Firefox for the first time, it becomes mandatory that you will be warned that your downloading process of Firefox starts from the internet. The downloading Firefox becomes quite easy with it. Mozilla download is now easy and effective with the process and you can easily run it on mac to enjoy browsing easily.

How to Install Firefox: –

Mozilla Firefox is among the popular and widely used web browsers. There are major installation protocols designed for mac and window which helps with proper installation into the system. This also includes default web browser. So, it’s important to manage with how to install firefox browser. For installation of firefox on windows or Mac operating system, look at the below sections.

Install Firefox on Windows: –

To make it possible, the technocrats have been doing research on various ways to download and install Firefox browser. The reason is Firefox is available for different windows versions, like 10, 8.1, 8, 7.1 and many more. One can easily install firefox browser on windows by implementing these:install mozilla firefox

  1. First go to the website and check for download firefox.
  2. Next click on the download now button as that is available as a direct download link added below.
  3. Then verify if the Firefox installer.exe is downloaded or not.
  4. If so, then the firefox setup executable file will be available in the download folder.

Most important is, the firefox file is available for both 32 bits as well as 64 bit windows operating system. So, it’s the priority of the users to make sure that they choose for the correct option which must be suitable for the OS. This is best way in which you can enjoy the Mozilla firefox free download and installation process.

Install Firefox on Mac:-

With updating from the previous version of the firefox, it’s important to check that mac do meet the system requirements for firefox. Follow the given guidelines to install Firefox on mac:

  1. First visit, the firefox download page in the browser. This will automatically detect the platform as well as the language on the system and recommend the best version of firefox for use.
  2. Next click the green download button to download the firefox.
  3. Once it’s downloaded the file must open by itself and pop open the finder window containing Firefox application. Then drag the firefox icon on top of the application folder for completing it.
  4. After dragging the firefox to the application folder, hold down the control key while you are clicking the windows and then select the eject” firefox” from the menu.
  5. You can then add firefox on our dock to maintain an easy access. So just open the application folder and then drag the firefox to the dock.
  6. Then firefox is now ready for use. So just click on its icon in the dock to start it.

If you have already installed firefox on Mac but finding concern, it’s better to uninstall Firefox and re-install.

Install Firefox on Chromebook:

For better experience, users can download firefox for chromebook and install it easily. The chrome operating system is built around Google’s all conquering web browser. The chromebook is no more a light weight laptop for the basic work and web browsing. It’s the chromebook which is capable of being quite a serious work horse. Let’s us know how to install firefox on chromebook and enjoy net-surfing.

  1. Firs visit the firefox download page on the browser. And then open the setting apps on your chrome book and look forward to the Linux option in the side bar.
  2. Next click turn on and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. After that you can provide your Linux container with a name and further it will decide for how much space is required for it further.

Installing firefox from Google play store on Chromebook:

You can download and install firfox from play store to enjoy theFirefox app. The reason is play store is one of the recognized platforms for installation applications on the android devices as well as chromebooks. Rather the android version is quite active on chrome operating system. For the best way to install firefox through play store on your chromebook, look at the below steps:

  1. First launch the play store from the chrome book desktop or even you can do it from the apps viewer.
  2. Next type Firefox in the search bar and then press enter.
  3. Then you can click on install button for installation process and download the browser on your chromebook.
  • It does happen that you might find several variants of Firefox on the Google play store. But among all, the Firefox browser is the standard version of the following from which you can easily enjoy downloading Firefox for mac

Today with some advanced features, the users can enjoy firefox latest version and that will also help with experiencing the Mozilla download which would make every browsing easy and effective.

firefox setup

Firefox Setup | How to Update Mozilla firefox:-

Only Installing firefox is not just the only option to handle with the Mozilla firefox usage. The most important thing is to do firefox update regularly. Updating Firefox Makes your browser free from all scams and helps you with a healthy browsing. Some people stick to firefox old version download and then don’t try for the new ones. . So, it’s always recommended to look forward to upgrade Firefox and check out with firefox latest update.

Let’s check out with how to update Mozilla firefox and enjoy the stress free firefox update.

Steps to Mozilla Firefox Update:

  1. First click on menu button and then click help and select about firefox.
  2. Next with the opening of the about Mozilla firefox window, it’s the firefox which will check out on the updates and if there are availability of any update then it will be automatically downloaded.
  3. Once the download gets completed, check on restart to update the firefox.
  4. Next click on the menu button and then select settings.
  5. So here gets through the updating process.

So, this process is similar for all and you can easily perform

Mozilla Firefox Problems & Solutions | Firefox Help

The firefox includes pages relatively with information. The version that you are using is installed with extensions and important modified preferences and graphical information.  So it and you don’t really get out of the trouble so easily. But sometimes troubleshoot becomes tuff and the users don’t take chance to fix firefox problems. If your Mozilla firefox not responding and you are struggling with such issues, then don’t worry. Just go down to get shorted with further such issues.

Firefox Freezing Problem:

Sometimes it happens that Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing.It hangs randomly and that doesn’t happen after any specific action. Therefore, you need to create a new place data base because the files are getting corrupted. Sometimes it also happens when you install firefox from the older version.Ifyour Mozilla firefox not responding due to freezing concern, try these steps:

  1. Click on the menu button and then click help. Next select more troubleshooting information. The information tab will open.
  2. Under the application basics section, next to the profile folder, click on “open folder”. Your profile folder will open.
  3. Then click on the firefox menu and select exit. Just wait until the firefox completely quits off.
  4. Under the firefox profile folder file, rename the files places.
  5. For that you need to right click on it and then select rename from the menu. Next add old to the end of its name.
  6. Then finally reopen the firefox. After that, it will create a new place database. In this your browsing history will be lost. But the firefox will automatically import bookmarks from the recent backup files.

The above step will help you resolve Firefox freezing concern. If still, your Firefox keeps freezing, better to contact Firefox support team to resolve the concern.

firefox help

Firefox Crashing

This is quite different often occurring with firefox not working or Firefox keeps crashing. There are some unusual programmers that cause Firefox crashing as well as other concerns. So, it’s important to check out the system. Mostly its preferable to fix the firefox crashing issue where you can restart the system with add ons disabled in safe mode. So, you can go to the menu, navigate to help section and then restart with add- ons disabled and then click restart.

Apart from that, you can make on with the safe mode. So just click on the open menu button on the firefox.

Next turn off all the firefox add- ons and click the open menu button. Then disable multiple process tabs and change the firefox version. Do try browsing using the older version of firefox for some time. Even you might experience with firefox slow loading pages and the firefox flash not working. So, there is nothing to panic but just follow the process to get out of the issue if you want to avoid Firefox crashes on startup or in between.

How to Enable Cookies in Firefox:

You can follow the process given below to enable cookies in Firefox. When you browse the internet with cookies enabled, the websites can save your passwords and even other variant data, making the process faster with browsing. So, let’s us know how to enable the firefox on the desktop:-

  1. For the cookies in firefox to get enabled on windows 10 or even on mac, just click on the hamburger icon provided on the top right corner.
  2. how to enable cookies in firefoxNext in the drop down menu, select “options”.
  3. The firefox preference setting will then appear in new tab. In the pane on the left, click” privacy and security”.
  4. But if with an alternate option, you want to jump straight to the privacy and security tab, then type the one in the firefox address bar.
  5. Now you will be directed to the “browser privacy”. Next in the “enhanced tracking protection” section you need not able to click on “standard” and that will automatically get selected being default source.
  6. Next below the standard option, click on custom and then you will generate a complete control over which the trackers and scripts to block. Now uncheck the box which is next to “cookies”. This will allow all types and even those which were earlier excluded.

How to Enable Flash in Firefox:

Enabling flash in firefox just takes a few steps to perform. Let’s know how to enable flash in firefox with simple steps:

  1. To enable flash, first make sure that adobe flash software is updated. But if it’s out dated then move to the official site and download with installing the latest version.
  2. In the firefox browser, type about: add-ons in the address bar and then press enter.
  3. Next on addons page, locate the adobe flash player.
  4. Select always activate from the drop down menu.
  5. Once these steps are completed, you can close the addons tab and then refresh the digication page to complete enabling flash.

Hope you would have understood how to enable flash player in firefox.

Firefox Setup | How to Save Bookmarks in Firefox:

It’s the feature of firefox built in option to help export bookmarks. This creates an HTML file containing all the bookmarks and the users can import the files back into the firefox or any other compatible browser.

To learn and understand how to save bookmarks in firefox, one can follow the details below:

  1. First to start the bookmark in the export process, initially open the firefox on your system. Next in the top- right corner of the screen on firefox, there will be three horizontal lines, just click on it.
  2. Next in the menu, opens with click” bookmarks”.
  3. In the “bookmarks” menu, at the bottom, click “manage bookmarks”.
  4. There will be “library” window. Here at the top, click import and backup>export bookmarks to HTML.
  5. how to save bookmarks in firefoxNext an “export bookmarks file” window will open and here you need to select the folder to save your bookmarks in. just with an option, enter a custom name for your bookmarks file in the “file name” field. Then click “save”.
  6. The Firefox will then begin exporting all the bookmarks to an HTML file. So, then you need to open the specific folder in your file manager and view the bookmarks file.
  7. Just make a safe copy of all the bookmarks and that can be done with exporting them to the HTML files.

So, these are the helpful guidelines to resolve all your Mozilla Firefox concerns. You can also call on the number given on this webpage if you find the problem is not getting resolved even after reading the article. The available number will connect you to an independent 3rd party Mozilla Firefox support team. They will help you provide complete solutions regarding Mozilla Firefox. Make sure you read the terms well before calling to independent 3rd party Mozilla Firefox help team.