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lorex supportLorex is a multinational technology company that deals with surveillance devices such as; security cameras, video doorbells, etc. Lorex is famous for its HD quality security camera and other business professional security cameras. Lorex was founded in 1991 by the Klein family. From the beginning, Lorex always tries to win customers’ trust by offering them the best quality cameras and better Lorex customer service. The headquarters of Lorex are in Markham, Ontario, Canada. In 1996, Lorex was acquired by Strategic Vista International. Then after this acquisition, Lorex launched its subsidiary company, Digimerge, in 2003. Lorex wants to expand its market. That’s why Lorex tries hard on every opportunity. An American company that used to create thermal imaging cameras acquired Lorex in 2012. Later in 2018, Lorex was acquired by Dahua technology. Dahua is a Chinese company partially owned by the state and used to manage and manufacture every type of video security solution. In this guide, we will provide every information about Lorex like; Lorex camera setup, Lorex camera login, Lorex support, installing Lorex cameras, Lorex camera settings, Lorex recording settings, Lorex home app setup, Lorex secure app, etc. and will also provide Lorex troubleshooting of some Lorex camera problems such as; Lorex camera not working, Lorex home app not working, Lorex cloud app not working, how to install Lorex 4k camera system, how to fix Lorex camera offline, how to reset Lorex camera, etc. Suppose you face any Lorex camera problems while following this guide or using Lorex cameras. In that case, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. The executive will listen to your problems and provides you best solution.

Lorex camera installation >> Lorex wireless camera installation instructions

Installing Lorex security cameras ensures your safety and offers the facility by which you can get the live high resolution video telecast on your device. Lorex camera installation procedure is straightforward. This section will discuss how to install Lorex cameras without facing any issues. Follow the given instruction for Lorex security camera installation.

  • Always choose a higher place from the ground for Lorex security camera installation; this will protect your camera from specific damage and provides a broader range of video recording playback
  • Make sure that the camera is installed under any shelter; this will give you better video quality
  • Lorex security camera installation must be on obstruction free place to maximize the view
  • Give support to the camera so that its lens is a little away from the source of light
  • Lorex camera installation must be done on the side of buildings so that you can easily protect its cable from any damage
  • Lorex installation should be like this then no one can hide from your eyeslorex camera installation
  • These are the Lorex wireless camera installation instructions

How to setup Lorex camera >> Download Lorex home app guide

Lorex camera offers a ready-to-use setup, but sometimes we may face some problems during the Lorex camera setup. In this section, we will provide the steps by which you can easily set the Lorex camera setup and download Lorex home app for PC or download Lorex app for iPhone. Follow the given steps for the Lorex home app setup.

  • After the Lorex camera installation process is completed attach the power adapter to the Lorex camera
  • Make sure that the camera is plugged in make sure the power is on while doing the process
  • Now you must download the Lorex home app for PC from the official site of Lorex, download Lorex home app for iPhone from the Apple store and android phone from the play store
  • Open the app and enter the Lorex camera login credentials to create an account
  • The same account will also use for the Lorex cloud login process
  • By following these steps, you can easily do Lorex camera setup with app download Lorex cloud download in different devices and also Lorex camera login process

Now in some further steps, we know how to connect Lorex camera to phone over Lorex secure application. This procedure is also an essential procedure for the Lorex camera setup. Follow the given steps:-

  • Download the Lorex home app or known as Lorex wireless camera app, then launch it
  • Open the application, tap on the “+” icon to add the device
  • Start your device by plugging the power adapter, ensure that you will see the green light flashing and a chime sound
  • Now you have two options to connect Lorex wireless camera app; first, you can scan the QR code on the device, or you can enter the device ID manually
  • Allow Lorex secure app to good Wi-Fi connection directly to the camera
  • Next, create a secure and strong password to secure your Lorex wireless camera app and device
  • Now connect your app to a good Wi-Fi connection
  • Wait till the camera LED turns to solid green with a chime sound
  • Now you can give a name to your device if you want
  • Click on complete for a successful connection
  • Now your Lorex camera setup is completed, and your device is successfully connected to Lorex secure application

How to update Lorex firmware >> Lorex firmware update guide

. Here in this section, we will discuss the Lorex firmware update of the recorder and the Lorex secure app. So, follow the given steps carefully:-lorex firmware update

  • First, we will discuss the Lorex cloud download app or Lorex cloud for mac
  • Open the application and enter the Lorex cloud login credentials
  • Open the main menu and open Lorex recording settings of the application
  • Next, click on the system and click on the upgrade option from the list
  • If you find any Lorex firmware update, then click on it and upgrade, and if not, then you will notify here of the Lorex firmware update
  • If you want that your recorder or Lorex cloud download app will automatically update by itself, then click on the check for auto-update
  • From these updates, you can easily do Lorex update firmware of Lorex cloud download app

Now in the further steps, we will get to know how to update Lorex firmware of Lorex secure app. The above steps are identical for the Lorex home app for iPhone, Lorex home for pc to Lorex firmware update.

  • After downloading Lorex secure app enter the Lorex camera login
  • Open Lorex camera settings from the three dots
  • You will see the firmware option there; click on it
  • If any Lorex firmware update is available for your Lorex secure app, then it will be showing on the latest update option
  • From the above process, you can easily do a Lorex firmware update of your Lorex secure application

Official Lorex customer support >> Official Lorex support numbers

Lorex is a subsidiary of a Chinese company named Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. Lorex was established in 1991 and is famous for security surveillance devices like; security cameras, doorbells, floodlights, IP security cameras etc. You can buy the product of Lorex from offline retail shops, or you can get them from the online store of Lorex. Lorex outdoor security cameras are compact and built-in with the latest technology. In the guide, we have discussed all the information about Lorex, such as; Lorex camera setup, Lorex cloud download, Lorex home app setup, Lorex camera login, setting up Lorex camera system, Lorex firmware update, Lorex camera settings, Lorex recording settings, etc. and also we will further do some Lorex camera troubleshooting of some problems like; Lorex home app not working, Lorex camera not working, Lorex cloud app not working, Lorex playback not working, etc. Suppose you will get any issues while using this guide or Lorex camera, then you can contact the number shown on the screen to connect an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and provide you best solution. But if you want to contact Official Lorex camera customer service, you can connect on the official Lorex support numbers provided below. These official Lorex customer support numbers are best to our knowledge and have been taken from the available internet sources. Before contacting these official Lorex support numbers, please verify them because sometimes these Lorex camera support numbers can change by Official Lorex customer support.lorex customer service

Official Lorex camera customer service chat support https://www.lorex.com/pages/contact
Official Lorex customer service number 1-888-425-6739
Official Lorex technical support number for Mexico 001.800.514.6739
Official Lorex camera support email [email protected]
Official Lorex customer service support number UK 0800.047.8494

How to fix when Lorex home app not working >> Lorex app not working solution guide

When we use the Lorex app on any device, we may face some problems. In this section, we will discuss some Lorex troubleshooting steps for the problem as; the Lorex home app not working and also learn how to fix it when the Lorex app is not working on iPhone. Follow the steps carefully:-

  • Make sure that your device must be connected to a good internet connection
  • Verify the username and password you are using for the Lorex camera login
  • Sometimes, the old password may crash, so click on forgot password and make a new password
  • Delete the saved cache and cookies files of Lorex home app for pc or phone
  • Check that you are using the latest feature of the Lorex secure app, if not then do the Lorex firmware update
  • Now restart your device and try Lorex camera login again
  • Suppose you are getting the same problem, then reinstall the Lorex secure application
  • The above steps will solve your Lorex app not working issues
  • If you want the solution of Lorex app not working on iPhone, then follow the same above steps and also, a special guide for iPhones is below
  • Make sure that you have iOS 14; then, you can use Lorex properly
  • Go to the setting, then scroll down for Lorex home and click on it
  • You will see the “Local network” option on your device turn it on by sliding on the toggle button
  • Now your problem Lorex app not working on iPhone will be solved

How to fix when Lorex camera is not working >> Lorex technical support guide

lorex tech supportLorex camera is known for its best quality features and video quality. But sometimes we may face problems like; the Lorex camera is not working. To solve this type, we need some Lorex technical support, but here we will provide the steps by which you can easily verify some essential steps to solve the Lorex camera not working problem. Follow these steps carefully:-

  •  Check the power cable carefully for power loss, and the camera is not getting enough amount of power
  • Verify that your device is capable of higher resolution video output
  • Check for twisted, bent or damaged cables
  • Check that you are using the latest firmware; other perform steps for Lorex firmware update
  • Ensure that you are getting stable internet bandwidth to run the camera
  • The above steps will solve your problem of Lorex camera not working issues

How to fix when Lorex cloud app is not working >> Lorex technical support help

This is a common problem seen in the new user of the Lorex cameras. But we don’t know how to solve it, so we need help from official Lorex customer service. In this section, we will provide steps to solve when the Lorex cloud app is not working. Follow the steps carefully to solve when Lorex cameras are not working on the app.

  • When we are using the device first time then you must do a Lorex firmware update for new features
  • Here, the first and most important step is you have to check for Lorex firmware update if you have been using it for a long time
  • If available then do Lorex update firmware carefully
  • Always remember that never power off while Lorex firmware update process
  • Suppose you don’t have any updates, then reboot the device and wait for approximately 10 minutes
  • When the cloud app is successfully connected to the device then, you can resume
  • Now your problem Lorex cloud app not working  and Lorex cameras not working on app will be resolved

How to solve when Lorex playback is not working >> Lorex camera troubleshooting help

When you try to watch the video playback on your device, you may face problems like; Lorex playback not working. “Play error, click to refresh” will show on your screen. In this section, we will provide steps by which you can solve the Lorex playback not working problem. Follow the steps for Lorex camera troubleshooting.

  • Try to quit the app forcefully and restart the app
  • if you still get the same problem, then uninstall and reinstall the application
  • Unplug your modem and router and reconnect to your Lorex device
  • You can check the other steps like setting up the Lorex camera system or the best settings for Lorex 4k camera
  • The above steps will solve the problem of Lorex playback not working problemlorex customer support

Lorex Support by us

Lorex was started as a small venture in 1991, but in 1996 it was acquired by Strategic Vista International. Again in 2003, Lorex started its subsidiary venture known as Digimerge. Then, Lorex focused on its product and features. But in 2012, FLIR System Inc., an American company of thermal imaging cameras and systems, acquired the whole Lorex Corporation. Lorex sells security cameras and equipment for residential and business properties with the in-built latest features. In 2018, Lorex was acquired by Dahua Technology and became a subsidiary brand. In this article, we have provided information about Lorex such as; how to install Lorex security cameras, how to setup Lorex camera, how to connect Lorex camera to phone, Lorex nvr setup, Lorex cloud for pc setup, Lorex home download for pc, Lorex client download app, etc. and also discussed Lorex troubleshooting steps for some problems, such as; how to fix when Lorex cameras not working, how to solve when Lorex cameras not working on app, etc. If you get any problems while using the Lorex camera in that situation you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and provide you with the most satisfactory solution.